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Artist Statement

We, human beings, are aggravating, fascinating, complex creatures.

I have found that it takes many years in order to truly know and understand who a person is. Why so long? People seem to have layers and reveal themselves slowly and only in different situations. Perhaps we never know someone until we see them in love, despair or in danger.

Understanding the masks and layers we hide behind is the focus of my work. My process involves creating blind contour drawings and disseminating them. I assemble them back together in different ways. The tearing and putting together the ripped pieces is similar to how human beings process emotions. I seek to tell the myriad of stories that every person holds within themselves.

– Sima Schloss

Sima Schloss



2017 – MFA in Painting, Lehman College, Bronx, NY
2011 – MS in TESOL, City College of New York, New York, NY
1993 – BA in Fine Art, Roger Williams University, Bristol, RI


2017 – Elsewhere Studios, Paonia, Col, July 2017
2016 – Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT, July 2016
2015 – Horned Dorset Colony, Leonardsville, NY , July 2015

Bibliography – Print

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Online Publications

2013 –, Artist of the Year

Selected Exhibitions – Group Shows

2017 – “Future Tense” Surface Design Association, 2017 Student Exhibition, AB+MK Galleries at Portland State University (PSU)
2017 – MFA/MA/BFA Thesis Show, Lehman College
2017 – “Art Takes Manhattan”, Caelum Gallery, Chelsea, NY, Curated by Drorit Gur Arie, Director & Chief Curator of the Petach Tikva Museum of Art Museum of Art in Israel, and Holly Hager, distinguished patron, collector and founder of Curatious, and by John Seed, art critic for the Huffington Post.
2017 – “Subjective”, presented by Women’s Caucus of Art, New York Chapter, Riverside Library, New York, NY Curated by Alyssa Monks
2017 – “Iterations” Gallery 263, Cambridge, Mass. Curated by Denise Driscoll and Nathalie Miebach
2016 – “A Show of Heads” Limner Gallery, Hudson NY
2016 – 8th National Juried Exhibition, Prince Street Gallery, New York, NY
2016 – National Wet Paint MFA Biennial 2016, Zhou B Art Center, Chicago, IL
2015 – “Dark” Gallery Underground, San Francisco, CA, National Juried Exhibition
2014 – “B*fest” presented by the Haggus Society, Los Angeles, CA, Curated by Terri lloyd
2014 – “Mayhem” Gallery Underground, Arlington, VA, Curated by Mark Cameron Boyd
2013 – The Brooklyn Gallerie Project, Lightspace Studios, Brooklyn, NY
2012 – Manhattan Arts Int., Juried Online Gallery
2011 – Fountain Art Fair at Art Basel, Miami, Florida
2008 – “DIGITAL C PRINT”, Yes Gallery, Group Show, Brooklyn, NY
2007 – “A NEW SPIRIT OF PROGRESS”, World Culture Open Gallery, New York, NY
2007 – “BACK TO ANALOG” 3rd Ward, Brooklyn, NY
2007 – “NURTURING THE NEW” Cue Art Foundation, New York, NY.
2007 – “SALON 2007” Broadway Mall Community Center, New York, NY. Curated by Jennifer Holst
2006 – Manhattan Arts International, Juried Online Gallery
2005 – Miss Sixty, Inc., New York, NY and Santa Monica, CA. Boot Design Collective
2005 – General Store Gallery, Brooklyn, NY. Curated by Clifford Schickler